Life in UK

London is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world and offers you the very best in variety and education. It is home to over 300,000 students, more than any other UK city. This makes life truly vibrant, diverse and affords hard-working students great opportunity to advance their careers. London is at the heart of the global economy with over 480 international banks and the world’s top 20 insurance companies plus 75% of the Fortune 500 companies having offices here. As a student you are perfectly placed to position yourself at the epicentre of the global business world. If you are more focused on developing a career in IT or management, you can draw inspiration from the city where creative industries employ over 750,000 people or you may wish to allow your entrepreneurial spirit to capture and develop a need in the market. Whichever sector or route you choose, be assured that you are in the best city to succeed in your chosen career path.

Cost of Living

If you budget wisely, student finances can go a long way in London. The cost of living is often a worry for students. There is no escaping the fact that London is an expensive place, but it can be costly to live in any big city. Tens of thousands of students move to London each year, and by taking a sensible approach to money, they can enjoy London life without worrying about finances. The cost of living will vary depending on the situation and the type of entertainment each student enjoys, but the key is to budget realistically and to stick to your budget.


The British museum has a collection of seven million objects representing the rich history of human cultures which mirrors the city of London’s global variety. In no other museum can the visitor see so clearly the history of what it is to be human. Other museums in the centre of town include the Sciences Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum. Galleries are also in abundance in London. Many are free to enter. Places such as the National Gallery and the Tate Modern are most definitely worth a visit.


For a new student in London there are so many wonderful sights to visit. It is almost impossible to know where to start. St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, the Albert Hall, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Tower of London are but a few.


In London, shopping can definitely be classed as a cultural activity as the city is full of famous shopping streets. For a wealth of high street shops visit Regent Street and Oxford Street. The latter also houses the large department store, Selfridges. For more supermarket and exclusive shops New Bond Street is the place to go, even if it is just for window shopping.


London is home to a wealth of sports, and whatever it is you are interested in there are plenty of sports to either take part in or support. The city is full of famous sporting venues and so if it is spectating you enjoy, you will not be disappointed, e.g Wembley, Wimbledon, the Oval cricket ground, Twickenham, and many premiership football clubs.


Living in London offers the opportunity to explore this vibrant city and the excellent transport links mean there is no excuse. Getting around and travelling both to and from the city is made simple by the vast number of travel links that are available. London College of Business Sciences is situated in Dock Road, London, this location can be reached easily by tube or bus.


The London Underground ('Tube') is the most popular method of transport for students, commuters, and tourists. With over 3 million passengers travelling on the tube every day it is a fast and safe way to travel. There is a service which runs from around 5am until midnight daily.


London buses are becoming increasingly popular and are a less crowded and cheaper travel option to the Underground. Transport for London runs a number of night buses which have a service until around 5 am and also a number of 24 hour routes which make travelling home in the evenings simple and safe.

Travelling outside London

Living in London allows the exploration of other parts of the UK without transport hassle. There are a few reliable transport options for travelling around cheaply and quickly. National Express run a regular and affordable bus service across the country, and National Rail also has a good service which can be made cheaper with a Student Rail Card.

Airport Links

Central London is extremely well linked to the three main airports: Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted. All can be reached by a short journey on the airport express trains which are relatively inexpensive or on the airport buses which both run a very fast and regular service. There is also a London Underground line to Heathrow.