Terms and Conditions

London College of Business Sciences insists that all students to be enrolled must agree to the following terms and conditions.


All rights of equal opportunity and mutual respect regardless of religion, ethnic origin, age, gender or nationality are to be upheld by the all students as done by the college staff Students are to have 100% attendance and be punctual to classes for two reasons. To be with the compliance of the Home Office rules and guidelines and to finish their courses and pass the examinations. All our students are obliged to attend a minimum of 15 hours of classroom lectures and / or tutorials per week. This terms & conditions are governed by English law. Each of us agrees to only bring legal actions about this in UK court.

Students Responsibilities

Application Process : All applications must be accompanied with copies of all required certificates, Passport pages, two passport sized photographs. Evidence of qualifications and / reference letters from employers detailing dates of employment, position held and duties must be supplied. Overseas students must also provide all the information listed on the check list, including evidence of their financial ability to pay the course fees and UK living expenses, in line with the Home Office requirements for UK student’s visas under Tier 4 of the Points Based System. The Home Office’s requirements can be seen on their website (http://www.bia.homeoffice.gov.uk/) Documents provided must be originals. Where the original documents cannot be sent, notarized copies or copies attested by the issuing authority / British Council are acceptable. The documentation required must be clear, legible and where necessary, translated into English Language by an approved translator.

On Arrival at London College of Business Sciences : Applications for exemptions will be assessed by and granted at the discretion of the staff. Any exemptions granted will be subject to the conditions applying to that exemption. The decisions of the London College of Business Sciences academic staff on access and exemptions are final. Students are required to attend all lectures, take all tests and submit on time, assignments set by their tutors: failure to do so may result in re-sits, which may in turn affect the student’s duration of studies, fees, completion, etc. It is the student’s responsibility to apply for and register with relevant academic or professional bodies where applicable and to enter for any external examinations. Students must comply with the rules and regulations of relevant external bodies. They will be assisted by the college staff. Overseas students must follow a full-time weekday course of at least 15 hours a week and comply with all other immigration regulations and laws. Students must abide by all London College of Business Sciences regulations as amended and updated from time to time. Students must notify the College promptly of any change to their UK address and/or telephone number, and of any reason for absence, such as sickness.

Conduct : Under London College of Business Sciences’s Disciplinary Regulations students may be expelled for a highly unacceptable or improper conduct, including the provision of false or forged documentation in their application, or any conduct that interferes with the well-being of other students, staff or the reputation of the College. No refunds will be given if the documents are found forged or falsified. Students will be required to pay for any damage they cause to the premises and/or property of the College, or property in the care of the College, or their accommodation arranged by the College. Students will be required to pay any charges incurred by them under College financial regulations (see below). No refund of fees will be granted to expelled students and they will remain liable for any extent fees and charges. Any student who fails to attend lectures or practice duties for up to one week without giving prior notice to the college may have their agreement terminated and may be reported to the Home Office. Students are obliged to observe all rules and regulations in the buildings they occupy for study or work purposes. Smoking is strictly prohibited in any part of the building occupied by London College of Business Sciences.The downloading of illegal, or pornographic or inappropriate material is strictly prohibited. A breach of this rule will lead to immediate suspension and ultimate termination of the agreement. Any abusive language or inappropriate behaviour toward another student or member of staff will result in immediate suspension leading to termination of the agreement. Use of Drugs is an illegal activity and will be informed to the legal authorities for further action.

Responsibilities of the London College of Business Sciences

  • London College of Business Sciences reserves the right to assess applications and to offer admissions or reject applicants as it deems appropriate, in line with course entry requirements and the responsibilities placed on the College by the Home Office. Accordingly, London College of Business Sciences may ask applicants to provide additional information where necessary.
  • London College of Business Sciences reserves the right to alter dates, fees and any particulars in published material (in prospectus, brochures, or on the website) without prior notice. Equally, the College reserves the right to vary, amend or introduce regulations, terms, policies and procedures without prior notice, within reason. This does not affect students’ statutory rights.
  • London College of Business Sciences reserves the right to make the following charges, at the rates detailed in College regulations as updated from time to time.
  • London College of Business Sciences accepts no legal liability in the case of accidents, illness, loss of or damage to personal effects or mail, or for any damages or accidents caused through negligence or otherwise of a third party.
  • London College of Business Sciences reserves the right to engage any third party to provide services, including enforcing any terms of this agreement, and to store and share with any parties as appropriate, student’s personal information.
  • London College of Business Sciences reserves the right to conduct and provide its services from premises within reasonable commuting distance of its current campus.
  • London College of Business Sciences reserves the right to initiate the recovery of all outstanding fees or College property from the students, such recovery may require legal action as appropriate
  • London College of Business Sciences will adhere to and implement good practices as advocated by the relevant accrediting and awarding bodies.
  • London College of Business Sciences reserves the right to change a student’s fee status classification in light of changes in relevant legislation or where the student has withheld relevant information.
  • London College of Business Sciences reserves the right to make special arrangements to cover exceptional/extenuating circumstances, at the discretion of the College.

Refunds, Transfers and other Financial Matters

  • No refund will be given to any candidate who has submitted falsified or forged documents.
  • The college will not refund £100 paid towards the administration fee.
  • Students must pay the full tuition fees to enrol for a specific course. Students are required to re-enrol, and pay fees, at the beginning of each successive year of the course, and are liable on enrolment for the fees for the whole year, and will remain liable unless a refund is granted.
  • A minimum period of six to eight weeks is required to process a refund.
  • London College of Business Sciences reserves the right to make the following charges, at the rates detailed in College regulations as updated from time to time.
  • Students are advised to read the Refund Policy even before applying and also adhere to the same.
  • Accommodation charges including non-refundable deposit of two weeks rent on accommodation arranged by the college in advance at the student’s request; late submission penalties, assessment re-takes and any other such charges.
  • Students are eligible for a discretionary full or partial refund of tuition fees, minus administrative and other charges, to be granted at the discretion of the college, if they meet the following requirement: that they, through no fault of their own, through circumstances beyond their control, are unable to follow the course.
  • There is absolutely NO REFUND whatever the exceptional circumstances if the student for whatever reason fails to apply for the visa or changes their mind about applying for a visa even if the College changes the course or course structure or if the Home Office introduces new rules that may affect your application.
  • The tuition fees paid will not be refunded if the student visa application has been refused due to the non-submission of the listed documentation, as per the CAS statement, or if the student or guardian thereof has withdrawn the required funds which were considered in issuing the CAS statement.
  • Once CAS statement has been issued, the tuition fees will not be refunded if the student changes his or her mind about applying for the visa.
  • London College of Business Sciences reserves the right to cancel the application if student does not apply for a student visa.
  • Refunds will be granted according to the college’s Transfer and Refunds Policy. All applications for refunds, whether contractual or discretionary, must be on the college’s Refund Forms and must have the required documentation attached.
  • Students are expected to attend the course they enrolled for from the start date applied for. Students applying from outside the UK can transfer their application to a later session without penalty, but once they have obtained a UK student visa or entered the UK they cannot defer their admission to a later intake, except in extreme situations and if permitted by the UK Borders Agency.
  • After arrival in the UK, students can transfer to a different course at the discretion of the College, in accordance with the college’s Transfer and Refunds Policy. A transfer charge of 25% of course fees is chargeable and may be reduced or waived at the discretion of the College if the student has good reasons for deferral or transfer.
  • The Applicant's abilities are assessed through several methods - This includes Individual Application, Written Responses to essay questions, Resume & Work Experience, Letters of Recommendation, intention to complete the course, financial status, Personal Interviews, Skype interview and Test Scores. Weight will be evenly given to diverse categories to judge whether an Applicant is qualified to join the programme. In spite of the College’s assessment if the candidate is unable to answer the Immigration Officers on arrival or during personal interview and the visa or entry is refused it becomes the liability of the candidate and the fee will not be refunded
  • Please note that any students wishing to change their Institution once they have been granted a visa will not be eligible for a refund of fees. They will also be required to make a fresh visa application with their new TIER4 sponsor. Students cannot start a new course until a new TIER 4 visa has been approved. For further guidance, please visit www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk
  • Students are advised that the full College regulations, procedures and policies are available on the College website and can be provided upon request.